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DIY Shorts and the French 75

A few months back, I was given a really awesome sewing machine by a coworker. Textiles are big here and were even bigger in the 19th and 20th centuries, so I suppose it makes sense that all that fabric and … Continue reading

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Bags, Pipes, and Cocktails

The need for a downstairs laundry bag┬áhas been apparent for quite some time. Our laundry room is located in our downstairs half bath, and I got in the bad habit of piling up smelly, dirty, damp kitchen towels on the … Continue reading

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Tufted Cushion with a French Mattress Seam

Now, doesn’t this project sound very fancy? In my experience fancy=complicated, but I am happy to report that no matter how fancy it sounds, this project was not all that complicated. That’s not to suggest that it was a breeze … Continue reading

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Make ’em skinny

Jump to Cocktail Recipe As a member of the long-legged few, I have a fair amount of trouble finding pants that fit, especially when you take into account my unwillingness to try mail order or pay more than $50 for … Continue reading

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Curtains! and Coffee!

Jump to Cocktail Recipe And thus begins the tale of what has felt like quite the saga… Our apartment is fantastic in almost every way–it was such a find that we ended our previous lease early just to snap it … Continue reading

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