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Dilly Adventures

Dill has a special place in my heart for several reasons. I’m Lithuanian, so a cucumber tastes lonely without it (and a bunch of sour cream). It’s one of my favorite things to watch grow and it’s like summer in a … Continue reading

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All this for a cocktail, Part 1

So when I got the idea for this post, I foolishly thought it would be about how to make your own yogurt at home. I’ve made yogurt at home for a couple of years now and it can save tons … Continue reading

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A Ginger Showdown

Jump to Cocktail Recipe And we’re not talking about dueling redheads. No, we’re talking about the rhizome! And we’re talking about infusions again: ginger liqueur, of course! I was looking for a Christmas gift-worthy liqueur I could make in a … Continue reading

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DIY Coffee Liqueur

Jump to Cocktail Recipe As we have explored in several other posts, do it yourself liqueurs and infusions are an awesome way to save some money while experimenting with your hooch and your cocktails. This one came about as kind … Continue reading

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