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Repotting Plants and a Spring Wind

Recent cold snap notwithstanding, spring has definitely arrived here in South Carolina and it looks like we’re going to get a few weeks to enjoy it before summer temperatures start creeping in. For many years, spring has been a time … Continue reading

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Boozy Peaches, Part 1

Living in South Carolina in the summer is full of pluses and minuses, namely fresh peaches and devastating heat and humidity. But, the rational part of my mind knows that you can’t have one without the other and so I soldier … Continue reading

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Paving the Way

One of the best responses we’ve gotten about this here adventure we call Hooch & Home was from a close friend in Philly. She had us over for dinner when Melissa was visiting, and while preparing dinner she shared with … Continue reading

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Hooch & Home’s Official Bourbon Slush

Spring is a great season for many reasons, but as a woman raised in Kentucky, I mostly focus on basketball, redbuds, and horse racing. Basketball ended in some sadness for those of us wearing the right shade of blue and … Continue reading

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Repurposing An Old Crate And Some Old Jim Beam

When the inevitable “tell us about one of your weaknesses” question gets popped during an interview, I breathe a sigh of relief. I have this question down, and it’s not because I excel at being self-deprecating. I can jabber on … Continue reading

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Broomcorn Wreath and The Bitter Southerner No. 1

Jump to Cocktail Recipe The circumstances that led to the creation of this wreath are pretty darn specific, but the general idea is highly adaptable. So, while my personal step one was to get engaged three and a half years … Continue reading

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Ale 8 One Bottle Cap Earrings

Jump to Cocktail Recipe This is the first of many posts wherein I exploit my mom and her mad crafting skills for my blog. You are forewarned. Kentucky is home to a lot of awesome local things, bourbon notwithstanding. One … Continue reading

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DIY Coffee Liqueur

Jump to Cocktail Recipe As we have explored in several other posts, do it yourself liqueurs and infusions are an awesome way to save some money while experimenting with your hooch and your cocktails. This one came about as kind … Continue reading

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Between Two Barstools: An Interview With Mac of Old Glory

Welcome to the first edition of Between Two Bar Stools, where we interview bartenders we admire in the hopes of extracting some of their wisdom and secrets. This week we bring you an interview with Patrick AKA Mac who has been bartending at … Continue reading

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The You Do You Bar

There’s been some talk around the internet enumerating the bare minimum of bottles needed to stock a bar. The talk is usually aimed at the young and impoverished who don’t know much about cocktail makin’ and need someone to tell … Continue reading

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