Post New Year’s Eve Party Reflections

Hooch & Home North decided that this New Year’s Eve would be the perfect time to host our first house party. This was by far the most exhausting project I’ve attempted to complete to this date. For food I had wonderful help with the hors d’oeuvres. Cheese, dip and crudite covered our countertop. I made three different kinds of tacos and kept them in slow cookers so they would be warm all night. These were a major success at 9 pm, 4 am, and apparently again at 6 am as well as 1 pm the next day. We had a lot of house guests.

For drinks, I pushed our table against the wall to create a large and in charge bar. Josh and I had bought a ridiculous amount of alcohol for this party, and added some classic mixers at the last minute (soda and tonic) even though these items would never normally cross the threshold of this house.  To balance this out, I decided to use our new “vintage” milk carafes from The Container Store to class up the bar. I poured Jim Beam and Vodka into two of the bottles and labeled them as such with a marker meant to label wine glasses. In a moment of last minute inspiration, I decided to throw together a pre-mixed bottle of Manhattan. I have a theory that most people prefer a nice mixed drink as supposed to a vodka Sprite, or a bourbon and Coke, but that they don’t have the energy or wherewithal to make one on their own. This is why we had not one, but five signature cocktails at our wedding.

The Manhattan may have been the biggest success of the party! By the end of the party, the mulled wine hadn’t been touched, the keg wasn’t kicked, and the vodka barely sipped.  However, the Manhattan was polished off. If I ever get over the trauma of what my floors looked like the next day and throw another party, I think I’ll pre-mix several cocktails.  The possibilities are endless!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

To pre-mix a carafe of Manhattan:

  • Fill up 3/4 of the carafe with whiskey (I’d go for something cheaper since this is a party people. We used Jim Beam.)
  • Fill the carafe up the rest of the way with sweet vermouth
  • Around 20 shakes of Angostura bitters

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