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Misguided Behavior (2017)

2017 English. 95 Min.
Rating: 4.1


Misguided Behavior is a horror story affecting kids every day in schools across this country. Meet Kevin, the poster child for bullying. If you think it sucked to be bullied as a kid, imagine Kevin's story. Both of his parents are supportive, he's smart, he has friends and has a likeable personality. So, what's wrong with this picture? Through Kevin's eyes, we are taken on an emotional roller coaster ride as we discover what lies beneath his teenage fears as he and his peers cope with being teased, abused and dismissed daily by their so-called classmates. The movie's shocking end leads to the paralyzing truth about his real family and leads to his ultimate decision..



Victor Cobb, Victor Cobb


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Original title Misguided Behavior
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